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[jwt-dev] Telco Monday 14th January

Hi all,

next Monday we will make a telco at 15:00 pm CET at +33 172 122 969, #4013
(as Marc has already written).

A first agenda might include the following topics:

-Current status of the project: where are we now - where will we go?
Status of the workflow editor (Uni Augsburg), the transformations 
from/to BPMN, XPDL, Bonita, SCA, etc. (OpenWide, Obeo), other things 
done in the context of SCOrWare that are interesting for JWT; other
projects, partners

-Documents for release review: 
Additionally to the code the documents/slides (I sent around a few
weeks ago) need to be finished to have a release review. Here any
feedback is welcome.

-Differences JWT and STP IM:
Already discussed in several emails, we should now talk about who will 
take care of the transformation between these two metamodels.

-Presentations at EclipseCon:
Who will attend the EclipseCon? Probably a good place for JWT to meet 
and discuss future efforts.

-Schedule for the future:
When are the next releases planned? We should have a detailed and 
realistic project plan.

Anything that hasn't been thought of before.
If you can think of any topics that should be added, please don't hesitate 
to send an email around. Additionally, it would be helpful to know who is
going to attend this telco (beside the ones that already showed their

Best regards,


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