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AW: [jwt-dev] WE contribution, Telco, OpenWide internal Wiki

Hi Marc, hi Alain, hi all,
Monday 14th January 15:00 pm would be okay for me, too. Yes, if you could thankfully provide a phone number that would be great, Alain.
Best regards,

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Gesendet: Dienstag, 8. Januar 2008 18:27
An: Marc Dutoo
Cc: Java Workflow Toolbox
Betreff: Re: [jwt-dev] WE contribution, Telco, OpenWide internal Wiki

Hi Marc and all,

OK for me (Adrian will probably attend too). Let me know if you need a telco line number


Le 8 janv. 08 à 17:18, Marc Dutoo a écrit :

Hi Florian, Alain, all

Fully OK for a telco next week, especially in light of the upcoming release review !
Would monday 14 jan at 15:00 pm be ok ?

Happy new year to all of you also !


Alain BOULZE (INRIA) wrote:

Hi Florain, Marc and all,

On behalf of OW@INRIA team, I wish you a happy and successful new year !

Shall we have a telco this or next week again? I think this would  be highly
valuable in order to discuss the current and upcoming issues (code
contribution slides, presentations at EclipseCon, STP IM, etc.).

next week should be fine for us.


Best regards,


@Marc only: Concerning the JWT/SCOrWare-wiki: I tried it several  times, but
with the combination FlorianLautenbacher/(password as sent) I don't  get
access to your wiki (on none of the pages). Could you please check  that
again? Thank you!


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--- Comment #1 from Sharon Corbett <sharon.corbett@xxxxxxxxxxx>   2008-01-02
10:51:00 --- Hi Florian:

We have a few questions for your regarding this contribution that  we hope
you can help us understand before we move forward;

1.  Did all contributors of the code on the Sourceforge project
(AgilePro)agree to the license change to EPL from GPL?  We note  that Emundo
GMBH appears to be involved in this project as well which we will  need to

2.  Did the AgilePro project have a formal contribution mechanism  in place?

3.  Are Christian Seitz and Christian Saad employed by the  University or are
they students?

Based on your response to these questions, we will be able to  decide how to
move forward.  We must ensure that all contributors of the original  code
agree to the license change and we further need to ensure and  understand the
pedigree of the original code.

Should I be misunderstanding the intent of your contribution or  should you
wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me via  telephone.


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Gesendet: Montag, 7. Januar 2008 11:30
Betreff: [CQ 1936] technology.jwt initial contribution

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--- Comment #2 from Florian Lautenbacher
<lautenbacher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  2008-01-07 05:30:08 --- Hi

the project AgilPro was a joint project of the University of Augsburg,
Germany, together with the company eMundo GmbH which has been  sponsored by
the High-tech initiative future Bavaria.
The project ended in December 2007, and all code concerning the  workflow
editor has only been implemented by the Unviersity of Augsburg  (myself and
students of mine such as Christian Seitz and Christian Saad). Other  parts of
the project have been developed together with staff of eMundo GmbH  or only
by eMundo GmbH.
But these are not part of this contribution.

However, all project partners of AgilPro (meaning the staff of the  our lab
at the University of Augsburg as well as staff of eMundo GmbH)  agreed to
move to Eclipse and hence to change the license from GPL to EPL for  the
Workflow Editor part.

I'm unsure what you mean by "formal contribution mechanism": is  there a link
explaining that? The code has been implemented based on EMF and  GEF, using a
Bugzilla and SVN of the University and the students got their work  packages
according to predefined project plans as well as regarding incoming  bugs
from companies who are using the tool suite AgilPro.

Still the tool AgilPro is available as a SourceForge project
( under the GPL, which includes the  JWT-WE
(now under EPL) and enhances this with several parts (RCP, additional
plugins, code generation, etc.). To our opinion this should not be a
problem, are we right?

Currently, only the mentioned students and myself are working on  the code of
JWT WE - however, gathering feedback from the whole JWT community.  This will
probably change during this year, when the other partners of the  JWT project
will join the development of JWT Workflow Editor (now focused more on
necessary transformations).

Best regards,


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