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[jwt-dev] Documents for release review

Hi guys,
attached please find a set of slides for the upcoming release review of our first and initial code contribution. This might include (in my opinion) the workflow editor tool as well as the transformations between BPMN and JWT and transformations from JWT to XPDL.
Since there are many fields where I'm not sure what to enter in the slides, active feedback is more than welcome. The release review could be scheduled at the end of January if we are ready till then. I had a look at the several policies and guidelines on the Eclipse web site, but there might still be something missing. So if you are aware of some topics that should be added, please do so or let me know.
I also prepared a set of slides describing what should be included in the release review slides (as a guideline for the next time). Feel free to change that one, too.
Best regards and a happy new year,

Attachment: JWT_Release_Review_Preparation.ppt
Description: MS-Powerpoint presentation

Attachment: JWT_Release_Review_20071228_FL.ppt
Description: MS-Powerpoint presentation

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