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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] Edited the roadmap


I'm fine with what you say.

When I say "WAM" I mean "anything you want to contribute under this vocable" and not "everything" ;)

Admittedly I didn't have much info regarding the WAM, but since we previously had a roadmap for it, I wanted to say something, and from what you said at the last meeting I believed "on CVS by end of year" would be fine - and since you're saying "not before mid december" I guess it's still on track, isn't it ?

Our deadline for SCOrWare year one is january. Right now I expect someone else to work on it starting next week, and starting mid-end-december my colleague Guillaume Decarnin should be available to work on Bonita integration. I believe Stéphane from Obeo has said they'll start working BPMN 2 JWT at the beginning of december.

So all in all, end of december should be a bit short. However the big picture has not changed.


Florian Lautenbacher a écrit :
Hi Marc,

thanks for this roadmap:

    * JWT WE available on CVS - as of 2007/10/16
    * JWT WE 1.0 release packaging - aiming at End of year 2007
    * JWT WAM available on CVS - aiming at mid-december
    * JWT WAM 1.0 release packaging - aiming at End of year 2007
    * JWT for SOA (SCA, BPMN and XPDL/Bonita integration) - aiming at End of
january 2008
I'm fine with the first two topics, but I'm unsure about the next two. JWT
WAM available on CVS? Do you here mean the BPEL-generation and the
integration framework of AgilPro as well as the Simulator? That won't be
possible until mid-december. Currently we still have lots of references to
AgilPro / the University of Augsburg, eMundo, etc. and as I said in a telco
before, the Simulator as well as the Adapter and Integration Framework have
been developed by eMundo - so it's their decision whether and when they will
include that into JWT. First, surely the code will need to be restructured
and I doubt that they can make that till the end of the year. Or what else
did you mean with JWT WAM?

In the last telco I said that the BPEL-generation in AgilPro will be
finished till the end of the year and will work fine in AgilPro, so it can
probably be downloaded from SourceForge from January on. And of course this
can be used together with JWT WE, but I would not name that already JWT WAM.

I'm looking forward to the JWT for SOA integration. Has this date been moved
to the end of January? I thought it was end of December 2007, too!?
Or maybe I just misunderstood something.

Best regards,


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Betreff: [jwt-dev] Edited the roadmap

Hi all

I've updated the roadmap (at the bottom of ) Please
have a look at it and patch it if required.

If it's ok I'll put it on the newsgroup too.

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