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[jwt-dev] notes temporary meeting jwt telco

---++ Information about JWT topics each of us has been involved with :

---+++ Eclipse Summit Europe
 * 120-150 poeople in the room, most were interested
 * 25 minutes
 * then many questions about code generation, metamodel, STP-IM
 * looking forward to test it out
 * 3-4 would like to join the project
 * TODO build on this basis !
 ---+++ SCOrWare Developments Plan and Start
SCOrWare meeting mid october, where was decided what is going to be done.

What will be done in the next three months :
 * BPM designer
* to have a BP (representation) analyst-oriented editor, to support more BP format / languages
    * Obeo does JWT <-> BPMN with Open Wide (and Augsburg) support
* Open Wide and / or Obeo does JWT -> XPDL / Bonita using Obeo expertise on transfo and Open Wide expertise on runtime
 * service semantic orchestration
* Open Wide does simple browsing interface in JWT for semantic SCA trading service
 * generic (SCA) service and process matching
    * Open Wide does JWT / SCA runtime integration
    ---+++ PVM Updates
 * mid august meeting : Miguel, Goulven Le Jeune, Marc
 * Miguel still interested, no resource right now

---+++ STP-IM News
* STP-IM is a metamodel that is a tool for helping bridge STP projects (editors like BPMN, runtime like BPEL2Java) * created by Adrian Moss at the start of July on the basis of ideas similar to the "pivotal metamodel" but with an initial orientation targeting rather SCA - JBI mapping * very interesting and to the point for JWT, Marc still has questions on the execution, which will require strong collaboration between integrated projects * JWT <-> STP-IM to be pushed forward, still what it will be used for (ex. intermediate transfo for Obeo's planned BPMN -> BPEL) has to be specified. With our own forthcoming expertise in model transformation, we will have these answers and will be able to make an impact on/with STP-IM.

---+++ What we've been doing

---+++ Milestones on JWT level
* Question from Florian : what has do be done before a release in eclipse ?
 * commit in mid-november
 * release in the upcoming months to capitalize on eclipse summit etc.

---++ Ideas and plans, in order to ensure we stay in sync on a higher level :

---+++ Vision, notably JWT for SOA

---+++ Technologies
 * AgilPro (WAM : end of the year, linked to BPEL generation)
 * Bonita (integration Petals ESB - Bonita done by Open Wide)
* transformation : done using Acceleo (code generation) or ATL (model transformation)
 * GMF
* BPDM (another year would be needed, complex : many concepts mainly not used but... 300-400 pages)
 * Obeo plans to do BPMN -> BPEL (STP runtime) transformation

---++ A list of actions to take will be a suitable final thing to do.
 * notes
 * costs
 * our complement to specs for Obeo, discuss it together BPMN JWT
 * Florian how to start JWT on the wiki, from svn or from sf
 * Florian sends paper about BPEL generation

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