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[jwt-dev] Re: Eclipse Summit Europe slides - Open Wide

Hello Alain,

Thanks very much for this partner projects-related information.

We'll handle that from there. I'll let Florian see how they can be included without going overtime etc. since he's the one who'll speak !

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Alain BOULZE (INRIA) a écrit :
Hi Marc and all,

Here are some further slides related to SCOrWare and STP-IM. Feel free to use them if any interest for JWT



ObjectWeb @ INRIA
SOA Project Coordinator

alain.boulze at
tel.:+33 4 76 61 54 65
fax:+33 4 76 61 52 52
cel:+33 6 21 09 43 66

Le 4 oct. 07 à 17:13, Marc Dutoo a écrit :

Alain : feel free to tune the JWT for SOA part, for example adding more about SCOrWare ; or add / link more to the STP-IM part.

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide


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