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[jwt-dev] Eclipse Summit Europe Presentation Slides

Hi Marc,
thanks a lot for your SCOrWare specifications. I won't be in the office the next days and will use the time to read the specifications carefully and write you some comments afterwards.
At the end of the week the nomination process for my students ends, so they will be probable committers and then we can upload the code to the Eclipse CVS/SVN. I think that's great news, isn't it?
But this is really a must, because in the beginning of October (11th) we already have our presentation at the Eclipse Summit Europe. We really should start making our presentation for this event. Pardeep thankfully made a structure which is available on our wiki:
  • JWT Introduction
  • JWT place in the Business process development life cycle
  • How JWT improves the development, creation, maintenance and interoperability of the process definitions
  • Possible JWT Integrations with SOA platforms etc.
  • JWT vision for the future.
This sounds like a good starting point in my eyes, however I'd like to show the auditorium a little bit of how to model a business process using JWT WE, so they get an impression which added value they can take from using JWT.
However, the presentation is only 30 min, which means that we should restrict us to a maximum of 15 slides combined with the presentation of the workflow editor.
Could you, Marc, maybe start with an initial version of our presentation? Then I will work on a video that shows the modeling of processes in JWT WE and will then afterwards refine the slides. Maybe somebody else of the JWT project could assist us in the creation of the slides?
Best regards,

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