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[jwt-dev] [metamodel] JWT and SCOrWare metamodel

Hi all

The SCOrWare project, which is a JWT core partner project, is actually writing its specifications, and since it is very much MDA minded, its metamodel is a core proponent. As with all JWT users, its needs fuel JWT's development and orientation. This metamodel is obvioulsy not the same as JWT's, so in order to fit in with SCOrWare we have to ease their integration and at the very least make them consistent with each other. That's the discussion I'd like to start here.

We'll be provided with a prototype of the SCOrWare metamodel (in the form of an ecore file) as soon as possible, so everyone can assess it and give its thoughts. Meanwhile the SCOrWare members like Etienne Juliot or Alain Boulze will give feedback on the current JWT metamodel and the work been done on it until now.

Reminder : what is the SCOrWare project :
/The SCOrWare project aims to provide a free software implementation of the recently released Service Component Architecture (SCA) specifications, as defined by the Open SOA Collaboration group. It will consists in an SOA platform comprising a runtime engine as well as eclipse-based tools. Among those JWT will provide the BPM tooling framework. The french public research-funded SCOrWare project gathers the following partners : Amadeus, Artenum, EBM WebSourcing, Edifixio, eXo platform, INRIA, INT, IRIT, Obeo and Open Wide.
So in short : the SCOrWare project aims at providing an SCA runtime as well as devtime tooling, and JWT aims to be the BPM-targeting tooling part of it.

I'm personally convinced that being used in constituting a full SOA platform is a key in opening up the audience to JWT. SOA becoming today more and more a concrete bridge between the top-down architecture (which workflows stem from) and distributed computing middlewares, it actually makes perfect sense to have SOA-oriented uses of JWT.

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide
JWT Project Lead

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