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[jwt-dev] Eclipse MWE-project

Dear Bernd,
as a project lead of an Eclipse project I've read that you are proposing a new sub-project of EMFT called MWE (the Modeling Workflow Engine), where you want to model the workflow required for the orchestration of the model processing chain to optimize model transformation and code generation.
In our project, the Java Workflow Tooling (JWT, [1]) project we are aiming at a very similar goal: the modeling of workflows and their execution in workflow engines. Therefore, we already have a modeling tool [2] and a framework underneath for the collaboration with the process engine, which will be uploaded to Eclipse in the next months.
Do you already have a modeling tool which you will contribute to MWE? Otherwise you might find our project interesting and maybe could use our tool or the two projects might work together in another way?
Thanks in advance and best regards,
EMFT - new MWE component

The Eclipse Modeling Project contains several components for working with models in the context of model-driven development. All of these components are essential for a practical MDD tool chain. What is missing, however, is something that binds these tools together. Specifically, a component is required that can be used to orchestrate a model processing chain. The Modeling Workflow Engine will provide an extensible framework to describe and execute this processing chain called workflow.

The whole proposal can be found at

Bernd Kolb, EMFT



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