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AW: [jwt-dev] AgilPro metamodel vs XPDL schema comparison

Hi Steve, 

>>Now that you have gotten a look at what I am producing, I guess I should
ask if you  think it will be useful once I complete it?

Yes, surely this will be useful. It will be a starting point for the future
development of the AgilPro model in order to generate XPDL 1.0.

>>When is the new AgilPro going to be available? 

You can already download the sourcecode from the SVN of SourceForge which
should be stable by now. One of my students is working on the installer this
week and we will test them and as soon as all tests are finished we will
upload them and I'll send an email around.

>>The ForkNode and the DecisonNode are the same except ForkNode implies the
AND spliting type and DecisionNode implies the XOR spliting type The
JoinNode and the MergeNode are the seme except JoinNode implies the AND
joining type and MergeNode implies the XOR joining type Is this correct?

Yes, thats right.

I'm already looking forward to a new version of your document! :-) 

Best regards,


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