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[jwt-dev] AW: Welcome to JWT!

Hi Steve, 

>>I inherited a stand-alone/webstart graphical XPDL editor.
In teh time I have been responsible for it, I have added numerous
enhancemants and converted it to an eclipse plugin.

Which frameworks were the tool based on? EMF, GEF, GMF or "simply" Draw2d,

>>What I am planning to do is to take AgilPro and try to model all the
things I know how to do with ProEd.

I am curious what things can be done easily and where the problems in our
modeling language will be. Could you please be so kind and send your
comments to the newsgroup?

>>At the moment I am busy trying to resolve some glitch that appears to have
occurred whe we moved ProEd from our internal forge to ObjectWeb.
It is not behaving quite the same, so something got bolixed somewhere.

This is always the same. We time and again have the same problems with
AgilPro. Once you make a small change in one place you seem to have much
more problems on completely different places ;-)

>>The first time I installed it, I accepted the default installation
location of "C:/Program Files/AgilPro/LiMo"
It got about 2/3 of the way through the install and then complained it could
not find "C:/Program"

Okay, thanks for mentioning that. This didn't appear on my computer, because
I have a german notation and there it is "Programme" instead of "Program
Files" ;-) But we will repair that in the next version.

>>Are there tutorials or other documentation available in English?

Nearly all documents are available on SourceForge (but most of them are not
in the newest version). Just check them (howto-config in version
There is also a tutorial, but this is currently only available in German. We
will try to translate it for the next version, too.

>>I am looking forward to a rewarding challenge,

Me, too!

Best regards,


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