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Re: [justj-dev] Latest versions of Java 11 LTS

We only have permission to redistribute what we get from but with Adoptium in the works, I expect that we'll be able to consume the JDKs that Adoptium creates and redistributes from Eclipse:

On 13.04.2021 13:33, Muhammad Umair Sair wrote:


I noticed that we are generating JRE for Java 11.0.2 whereas the latest version is 11.0.10. I understand that 11.0.2 is the latest version available on and we cannot redistribute JREs from AdoptOpenJDK. Does following *upstream* builds created by AdoptOpenJDK also fall under AdoptOpenJDK category? Link of these binaries are provided by openjdk wiki [1] as well so I am wondering if it is permissible to redistribute them.


Umair Sair

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