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Re: [jta-dev] Enhancement of the @Transactional Annotation

Am 08.12.2022 um 19:07 schrieb Tom Jenkinson:
I suppose if it was decided by the community it wasn't OK then perhaps there could be some API that extended javax.transaction.xa.XAResource and provided by "Jakarta Transactions 3" (let's say) which resources compatible with the feature would be expected to implement and when read-only is set to true if the XAResource provided to the transaction manager was not one of these then some error could be raised and the transaction rolled back.

That sounds like a good idea. Alternatively, how about introducing a `default boolean supportsReadOnly() { return false; }` and go with that? Same for TX isolation I guess.

Am 08.12.2022 um 18:38 schrieb Tom Jenkinson:
> Thank you for the answers!
> The transaction manager won't be able to detect the problem in the
> resource managers so it could still be that some resources are written
> to during a transaction that is marked read-only, what do people think
> to the usability aspects of that?
> On Thu, 8 Dec 2022 at 17:24, Christian Beikov
> <christian.beikov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     That code will be in Hibernate. Yes, we know when an EntityManager
>     is associated with a transaction and hence can do these optimizations

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