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[jnosql-dev] Eclipse JNoSQL Version 1.0.0-b6 Release Announcement

Dear Eclipse JNoSQL Community Members,

We are pleased to announce the release of Eclipse JNoSQL version 1.0.0-b6, the latest version of our open-source framework for integrating NoSQL databases with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications.

This release brings significant changes and new capabilities to Eclipse JNoSQL, including implementing both Jakarta NoSQL and Jakarta Data specifications. Additionally, we have removed all old Repository interfaces and replaced them with CrudRepository and PageableRepository, enhancing the framework's compatibility and scalability.

We want to thank Maxmillian Arruda and Gabriel for their exceptional efforts in improving the framework's quality and fixing several bugs. This release also includes an updated MIGRATION file that provides more information about the changes and compatibility breaks, especially with the Jakarta EE dependency after the big bang.

Moving forward, we plan to make Java 17 the minimum requirement for the next version and increase the number of MicroProfile/Jakarta EE samples. We are also exploring adding support for new annotations such as JMolecules.

Please check out the release notes for more details on the changes and enhancements, and we encourage all users to upgrade to this latest version.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions to Eclipse JNoSQL.

Change logs:

Best regards,

The Eclipse JNoSQL Team


Thanks a lot, Otávio Santana

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