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Re: [jnosql-dev] Project cannot run tests using Java higher than 11 version

Great! Thanks, Otavio!



On Thu, Feb 23, 2023 at 2:45 PM Otavio Santana <otaviopolianasantana@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey Max what we can do is use the Java implementation. 
The issue is the ATLR version that they are using is old. 
We can isolate this version only on the graph.

I can define a skeleton to us work

On Thu, Feb 23, 2023, 16:31 Maximillian Arruda <dearrudam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This email is related to this issue:;

After Otavio's recommendation, I sent this email to discuss this point.

During my discovery of how to open an issue on the TinkerPop project, I figured out that they got a Discord Server (, and there, I opened a question on their forum asking how they can support this issue then I got some information about this situation:

Stephen Mallette, a TinkerPop project committer, provided me with this explanation: 

TinkerPop has had some problems upgrading Groovy given some performance issues that we've been having with newer versions. As a result we're not on a version that I believe runs nicely on jdk17.
We're actively working on the problem now and have finally had some break-thru with the groovy community to solve the issue
i believe the plan will be to have jdk17 support in 3.7.0. i'm not sure if we can easily backport the required changes to 3.5.x or 3.6.x
you might be able to work around the problem though if you upgrade Groovy yourself and force the use of 3.x/4.x.
the performance issue, as we've noted it, mostly pertains to the Gremlin Console so that has been an unfortunate blocker. If you were just using Gremlin Server/GremlinGroovyScriptEngine I dont think there's a problem.
the other alternative would be to avoid groovy all together
since you are using 3.6.x you could try GremlinLangScriptEngine in Gremlin Server
it uses the gremlin-language module which uses the Gremlin ANTLR grammar for parsing
it's been noted to be as much as 5x faster than groovy, but it is not a direct drop in replacement
it only processes Gremlin. you can't have Groovy related code in your scripts at all
anyway, that's for the adventurous as GremlinLangScriptEngine is fairly new and not fully recommended yet
your easiest approach would be to downgrade to jdk11 - then i'd expect everything to work out of the box nicely for you

According to his information, I think that we could try to force our tests to use groovy 3.x/4x. Does someone have thoughts/recommendations about that?


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