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[jnosql-dev] The Jakarta NoSQL's future

Following the previous feedback from the program committee:

We don’t have a problem with the spec exploring this direction, but we currently have no interest in incorporating this in any profile or the platform. We’d also want to see interest and active work in a second implementation before this spec would be proposed final.

They don’t plan to move it forward as part of the Jakarta EE platform; on the other hand, we have Jakarta Data as a WIP specification that takes considerable effort to make happen.

Given this scenario, what do you think the best strategy for Jakarta NoSQL is?

I thought of some options:

  • Think about moving to the Eclipse Microprofile side
  • Returns the efforts to focus on JNoSQL (as a library that implements Jakarta Data) and hold Jakarta NoSQL for a while.
  • Find a second implementation for Jakarta NoSQL (which company?)

Another option, I’m open to suggestions.
Otávio Santana

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