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[jnosql-dev] Prepare new release 1.0.0-b4

Hello everyone, I hope that you're fine and ok.

I want to propose a new version release to b4 the next week.
Those are the features:

  • Upgrade Tinkerpop to version 3.6.0
  • Upgrade Eclipse Yasson to version 1.0.11(test proposed)
  • Upgrade Weld Se to version 3.1.9.Final (test proposed)
  • Upgrade test container to version 1.17.2 (test proposed)
  • Upgrade Jedis to version 4.2.3
  • Upgrade ArangoDB driver to version 6.17.0
  • Upgrade Cassandra driver to version 4.14.1
  • Upgrade Elastic Search to version 7.17.4
  • Upgrade OrientDB to version 3.2.6

Remember that we are still waiting for the Jakarta Configuration to release the final version. Right now, we're working with Eclipse Configuration.

Otávio Santana

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