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[jnosql-dev] Greetings

Hello all !

I work for a non-profit (MoMacMo Limited), and we are developing cloud-native frameworks for managing seismic data for environmental geophysics. Datasets in this space can be huge (0.1-10 PetaBytes), so metadata management is crucial. Luckily for us, key-object stores are ideal for geophysical metadata management.

We are developing frameworks for managing geophysical metadata, with a goal to contribute to standards in the energy and environmental space (e.g., OSDU - Open Subsurface Data Universe, and OEC - Open Earth Community). JNoSql caught our attention as a framework we can use to enable deployment to multiple cloud providers.

We are positioned as a user of standards like JNoSql, but have deep domain expertise in environmental geophysics applications. We are considering using JNoSql as a framework for standards activities and application development. Let me know if this mailing list is appropriate for discussing our applications and requirements !

Best regards,
Chuck Mosher

President, MoMacMo Limited

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