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[jgit-dev] Committer Election for Luca Milanesio on Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git has started

A committer election for Luca Milanesio on project Eclipse JGit: Java
implementation of Git (technology.jgit) was started by Matthias Sohn with
this criteria:

Luca started contributing to JGit in 2017 and has made an impact on the

He has addressed the following bugs:

Luca contributed the following changes:

$ git log --oneline --no-merges --author luca.milanesio@xxxxxxxxx
3e624306d Allow to discover bitmap on disk created after the packfile
b4c66104f Introduce a PriorityQueue sorting RevCommits by commit timestamp
f5f4bf0ad Do not exclude objects in locked packs from bitmap processing
88ca88a32 Add verification in GcKeepFilesTest that bitmaps are generated
3a6eec9bb Express the explicit intention of creating bitmaps in GC
ac8d7838f GC: prune all packfiles after the loosen phase
21e902dd7 Shortcut during git fetch for avoiding looping through all local
ad977f157 Allow the exclusions of refs prefixes from bitmap
e4529cd39 PackWriterBitmapPreparer: do not include annotated tags in bitmap
4bb469363 Do not create reflog for remote tracking branches during clone
66ace4b9a UploadPack: do not check reachability of visible SHA1s
a706835a4 Add GetRefsBenchmark for testing refs lookups
d0553759a [errorprone] Fix DefaultCharset warning in
fed0ab9ba Use FileSnapshot without using configs for FileBasedConfig
ed5be35e2 Remove use of deprecated getAllRefs() in ReceivePack
3b5a4416a Rename servlet-api-3_1 to match Gerrit master
d6e00d201 Remember the cause for invalidating a packfile
82b1af31e Fix pack files scan when filesnapshot isn't modified
bf3d1ded3 Check for packfile validity and fd before reading
afef866a4 Move throw of PackInvalidException outside the catch
2d116cd0a Use FileSnapshot to get lastModified on PackFile
2dc572df2 Include size when comparing FileSnapshot
fef782128 Do not reuse packfiles when changed on filesystem
daefa6950 PackFile: report correct message for checksum mismatch
baf1bb20d ObjectDirectory: extra logging on packfile exceptions
436c99ce5 PackFile: report correct message for checksum mismatch
962babc4b ObjectDirectory: extra logging on packfile exceptions
977726e5b Delete all loose refs empty directories
eea9a7a0b Use java.nio to delete path to get detailed errors
5a8ad4420 Do not ignore path deletion errors
363a3657b Don't flag a packfile invalid if opening existing file failed
4c558225d Don't remove pack when FileNotFoundException is transient


It is my pleasure to nominate Luca as a committer on Eclipse JGit: Java
implementation of Git.

Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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