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[jgit-dev] Flaky tests in the master branch

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for your help with my recent patches!

As a follow-up to Martin Lippert's recent message [1] , I confirm that
"mvn clean test" on the master branch is also failing for me (Debian
testing, openjdk 17.0.10, Maven 3.8.7, jgit at commit 718d121bb). Some
of the test failures seem to come and go.

Here are some samples of the failures I get:


Expected no standard error output from tool expected:<[compare[:
unrecognized option `-wait' @ error/compare.c/CompareImageCommand/1123.,
compare: unrecognized option `-wait' @
error/compare.c/CompareImageCommand/1123].]> but was:<[compare[-im6.q16:
unrecognized option `-wait' @ error/compare.c/CompareImageCommand/1131.,
compare-im6.q16: unrecognized option `-wait' @

[ERROR]   RacyGitTests.testRacyGitDetection:57 expected:<,
time:t0, [length:1, content:a][b, mode:100644, time:t0, length:1],
content:b]> but was:<, time:t0, [smudged, length:0,
content:a][b, mode:100644, time:t0, smudged, length:0], content:b]>

[ERROR]   FileTreeIteratorTest.testDirCacheMatchingId:252
expected:<EQUAL> but was:<SMUDGED>

Here are two successive build logs with different combinations of such

What's interesting is that those tests failures are distinct from those
reported by Martin…

It's not a huge deal since I can run individual tests via the IDE but I
guess it'd still be worth having a reliably passing build.

Best wishes,


[1]: - I would
reply to in its original thread if I could get hold of the message id

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