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Re: [jgit-dev] reftable & jgit compatibility

Hi Han-Wen,
Thanks for completing the ref-table on JGit and kicking off the work on CGit.

On 3 Apr 2024, at 11:36, Han-Wen Nienhuys <hanwenn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks again for taking up this work.

As I'm browsing over your patches (and realizing how much of the
arcana of the format I've forgotten), I hope that I did not make any
errors in implementing the spec (and/or that Shawn didn't deviate his
implementation from the spec). It would be extremely unfortunate if an
incompatibility between CGit and JGit were discovered after it is

So far I have always been able to read JGit reftables using the C / Go
code, but it would be good to systematically test this, ie. generate a
bunch of tables using JGit and check that passing them through the C
code (read & write) leaves them unchanged. Or perhaps check in some
tables as golden reference data.
Josh can probably connect you to the right folks to help with this on
the JGit side.

I am happy to experiment the support on, we have over 40k repositories !


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