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[jgit-dev] Vulnerability CVE-2023-48795

Hello all,

There is a new vulnerability --
According to the list of the affected libraries, the "Apache MINA sshd through 2.11.0" library is also affected.

Does this vulnerability affect JGit and/or JGit users somehow?
If yes, do you have plans to update the Apache Mina library?  Do you have a ticket for this?
The corresponding Apache Mina ticket is still in progress yet --

Best regards,
  Denis Malyshkin,
Senior C++ Developer
of ISS Art, Ltd., Omsk, Russia.
Mobile Phone: +7 913 669 2896
Office tel/fax +7 3812 396959
Yahoo Messenger: dmalyshkin

E-mail: dmalyshkin@xxxxxxxxxx

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