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[jgit-dev] Moving from Bugzilla to GitHub issue tracking

I asked the foundation for recommendations regarding migration of bugs from Bugzilla to GitHub [1]:

What is the recommendation for bugs on bugzilla ? Migrate all the bugs to github or migrate only the open bugs or archive them and ask users to open new bugs for issues still existing ?

Since the GitHub API for importing issues is severely limited and does not allow setting the correct reporter, commenter and the original dates (amongst other things), we recommend to only move open issues (if any at all). Most projects that have moved their issue trackers have started fresh with GitHub issues.

Will non-migrated bugs still be accessible read-only in some archive after bugzilla deprecation is over ?

AFAIK, this is not planned.

WRT to Wiki migration, please see #681 for some hints how this can be done.

Will existing links to bugzilla bugs (e.g. in git commit messages) be redirected ?

As @fgurr mentioned we don't plan on redirecting those links, but that is because we are planning to deploy a static copy of Bugzilla so those links should continue to function.

Here some stats about open bugs in Bugzilla:

                                                    JGit                                   EGit
updated since 2023-01-01             33                                      25 
updated since 2022-01-01.            76                                      71
updated since 2021-01-01           109                                    114 
updated since 2020-01-01           143                                    171 
all open bugs                                415                                 1006

Most projects which already migrated decided to start fresh on GitHub.
Bugzilla will be converted to a read-only static archive so that existing links won't break.

I lean towards following the other projects and not migrate bugs from Bugzilla.
This would mean that for existing, still relevant bugs new bugs would have to be created on GitHub.
Maybe we could migrate the open bugs which were last updated in 2023 to reduce the need to
manually recreate recent still relevant bugs.

Opinions ? What do you think about this proposal ?



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