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[jgit-dev] Migration of JGit/EGit repositories to GerritHub on Oct 23

Following the Eclipse Foundation's plan to retire their Gerrit server we plan [1]
to migrate all JGit and EGit repositories on Oct 23 from their current home
on [2] to the Eclipse tenant [3] of GerritHub.

GerritHub [4] is a free Gerrit hosting service provided by GerritForge [5]
which uses Gerrit for code review and GitHub for authentication and browsing
git repositories. Code reviews happen on Gerrit, all changes will be replicated
automatically to mirror repositories in the existing eclipse-jgit and eclipse-egit
organisations on GitHub [6].

This way we can preserve 13 years of review history on
and continue using Gerrit for code review when Eclipse will shutdown their
Gerrit server [7].

All contributors should do the following steps to prepare:
  • visit your user profile on [8], note the username of your Eclipse account and the email address registered there. "Edit my account" (drop-down menu top right), select the "Account Settings" tab. That's the email address you used for contributing to
  • register the same email address with your GitHub account [9]
  • open [4] in a browser and login using your GitHub credentials, use the DEFAULT GitHub access if you plan to contribute changes and participate in code reviews
  • if you are asked which of your public repos to import and replicate de-select all
  • visit [10] to upload your public SSH key and generate an HTTP password for running git commands over https and for access to the Gerrit REST API.
During the migration on Oct 23 the JGit and EGit repositories on will be
made read-only. As soon as the replication from to
is completed, the repositories on GerritHub will be reopened for contributions.

Later we will also migrate issues and wikis to GitHub.


[4] open and click "GitHub Sign-in"

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