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[jgit-dev] Introduction of new dependency (Apache Commons Codec or Guava) into JGit?

I'm looking into implementing changed-path bloom filters in JGit. In
order for compatibility with the same feature in C Git, I need an
implementation of the murmur3 hash. Apache Commons Codec and Guava
both have an implementation, but neither of them are currently used by
JGit. For what it's worth, JGit already uses another Apache Commons
library (Compress, not Codec).

What do people think about adding one of these libraries as a
dependency? This does mean that downstream projects will need to
include the library when creating their packages, if they are not
already using it. From a brief survey, EGit uses neither, while Gerrit
uses both.

(As for the changed-path bloom filter work, I am aware of and will likely base
my work on that.)

Jonathan Tan

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