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[jgit-dev] Committer Election for David Ostrovsky on Eclipse JGit™: Java implementation of Git has started

A committer election for David Ostrovsky on project Eclipse JGit™: Java
implementation of Git (technology.jgit) was started by Matthias Sohn with
this criteria:

David started contributing to the "Eclipse JGit™: Java implementation of
Git" project in 2015 and has already made an impact on the project.

He is maintaining the bazel build for JGit which is important for JGit's use
in the Gerrit Code Review project.

He has contributed the following patches:
87391ccee Fix DefaultCharset bug pattern flagged by error prone
6674abb16 Use SystemReader#getDefaultCharset to read console input
67097f5de PersonIdent: Add ctors that accept Instant in addition to Date
75e7d0848 Bazel: Include bazel resource configuration file for RBE build
969601c74 Bazel: Add RBE support
be732c16a Bazel: Switch to using toolchain resolution for java rules
c81294796 Bazel: Simplify java 11 toolchain definition
bf3298478 Bazel: Format build files with buildifier
9a16e9a20 Bazel: Remove JDK 15 toolchain definition
8227098d7 Bazel: Remove version check
132ba05c8 ExternalToolTest: Rename class name to usual name for test cases
f8a96e1a0 Bazel: Add missing java packages to error_prone package group
51b909d9e Adapt junit_tests invocation to removal of resource_jars attribute
c82818e0e Bazel: Remove unused dependencies flagged by unused_deps
f8eefdb00 Bazel: Format build file with buildifier
19bed3399 Bump bazel version to 4.0.0
775564577 Bazel: Remove unused resources variable
4560bdf7e Migrate to Apache MINA sshd 2.6.0 and Orbit I20210203173513
d9143287b Enable git wire protocol version 2 on server side per default
5d925ecbb Fix stamping to produce stable file timestamps
23389a632 Add constants for parsing git wire protocol version
96411d1ab Bazel: Allow to build and run the tests with JDK 15
f3bb71206 Fix OperatorPrecedence warning flagged by error prone
d35f0ffb7 Bazel: Add workspace status command to stamp final artifact
0e87f70e0 Fix ProtectedMembersInFinalClass warning flagged by error prone
7861f8202 Fix InvalidInlineTag error flagged by error prone
3e2ec7e5e Fix BadComparable error flagged by error prone
f17cb089a Bazel: Remove superfluous dependencies flagged by unused_deps
3a7e4eaec Add missing test source file to the build
9b2f8ced9 Bazel: Disable SecurityManagerMissingPermissionsTest test
a7412b544 Update bouncycastle version to 1.64 and Orbit to I20191106190530
9354d255e Bump bazel version to 0.29.1
5caa95151 Bazel: Reuse version from .bazelversion for minimum used version
cae8d499b Bazel: Bump minimum supported version to 0.29.0
15edb0c3a Bazel: Bump skylib library version to 0.8.0
5ae0d152a Use bazelisk to switch between used bazel version
bbef67e8d Bazel: Fix lint warning flagged by buildifier
74da1b270 Update bazlets to latest version
e5f86d463 Bazel: Fix lint warning flagged by buildifier
f0a14bb3f Update bazlets to latest version
760746500 [Java 11] Remove dependency on javax.xml.bind package
03f7618fa Use bazelisk to switch between used bazel version
95de60594 Bump minimum Bazel version to 0.26.1
df616520d Bazel: Bump skylib library version to 0.8.0
8cd07cb81 Repository: Add getIdentifier() method to avoid instanceof operator
a4f5fc157 Add bazel options to align with gerrit's
5e4be72b5 Bazel: Simplify names of bouncy castle libraries
9625db20a Upgrade to Bazel 0.19.0
e5a4c0d17 ObjectDownloadListener#onWritePossible: Add comment on return
7d89f0a05 Bazel: Provide toolchain with activated error prone warnings
5c134f4d4 ObjectDownloadListener#onWritePossible: Make code spec compatible
f8e514c74 ObjectDownloadListener: Return from onWritePossible when data is
ab1b97234 Bazel: Support building with Java 9
fa2851ce7 bazel: Consume hamcrest through transitive dependency
0f6ddb372 Add remaining parts of the bazel build
cee9d444e Delegate crypto algorithm creation to InsecureCipherFactory
488662126 LongObjectIdTest: Remove self comparison test
9b4f1913f RevFlagSetTest: Fix compilation error flagged by error prone
7e4258113 Move SHA1 compress/recompress files to resource folder
e92a0c3ad Implement initial framework of Bazel build
2d0fc6124 Buck: Simplify root build file
4c574b39b buck: Make :jgit_src target work in cross-cell environment
13502fef8 Implement Buck driven build
d1da2780c Revert "Let ObjectWalk.markUninteresting also mark the root tree
c0c4c6f09 ArchiveCommand: Allow to pass options to underlying stream

He is helping with reviewing and verifying changes from other contributors:

For these reasons and the long-term outlook for their involvement on the
team, it is my pleasure to nominate David as a committer on Eclipse JGit™:
Java implementation of Git.

Eclipse JGit™: Java implementation of Git project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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