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Re: [jgit-dev] GerritForge's JGit E2E tests with Gerrit in 2022

On 18.01.22 16:37 , Luca Milanesio wrote:
Dear Gerrit and JGit developers’ community,
I would like to share with you the GerritForge’s plans for adding more E2E tests to JGit changes in 2022 [1].

Opinions, suggestions, objects, any sort of feedback is more than welcome :-)



Somehow it seems to me that this proposed dev branch would become a
de-facto fork. The writeup mentions this danger already. The proposal
also does not address the main bottleneck: too few active reviewers
and committers in JGit. And now those should become some kind of
gatekeeper for merging to master, when dev moves much faster? Doesn't
sound sustainable.

On top of that, I for one am working on JGit for fun in my free time.
Don't expect me to keep up as a gatekeeper.

I think a better way to speed up things would be to on-board new
committers. (And officially retire inactive ones.) If things don't go
fast enough for GerritForge, see that it has active committers in JGit,
and develop on master.

As for "Gerrit edge releases": I think you can do that already. Gerrit
builds JGit in tree, as a submodule, right? So just bump the submodule
pointer to the commit hash you want and build.



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