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Re: [jgit-dev] Jenkins git performance project

We're happy to take suggestions for performance improvements in the Jenkins use of JGit.  The CLI git implementation in Jenkins is the canonical implementation.  The JGit implementation in Jenkins is missing some features (no LFS support, imperfect submodule support, no sparse checkout, no shallow clone, etc.), but works quite well in many, many cases.  We use JGit on the server, as one example of JGit being used widely.

The GSoC student, Rishabh Budhouliya, has created micro-benchmarks that compare command line git and JGit operation performance on various operations and axes.  The most crucial observation has been that in the Jenkins environment, JGit fetch performs better than CLI git fetch on small repositories and CLI git fetch performs better than JGIt fetch on large repositories (greater than 60-100 MB).

If you prefer a 15-20 minute video summary of what Rishabh has learned and what he is implementing, refer to .  That video is the phase 2 demonstration.  Phase 3 is the final phase of Google Summer of Code and will end Aug 31, 2020.

Mark Waite

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 11:11 AM Michael Keppler <Michael.Keppler@xxxxxx> wrote:
Dear jgit developers,

are you aware of this project at Jenkins which aims to improve the
Jenkins git performance?

It's trying to benchmark both native as well jgit implementations and to
use that data for improvements. Maybe some of you are interested in
giving advice how to improve the jgit performance in Jenkins?

(I'm not involved in the project, I just noticed it on the Jenkins
public roadmap)

Ciao, Michael
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