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[jgit-dev] JGit Error - Cannot open git-upload-pack

Hi Team,

I hope you all are keeping well. I am writing to you expecting some help regarding one of the errors we faced using jgit library in our product.

Error: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException: https://<host>/DefaultCollection/_git/<repo>: cannot open git-upload-pack.

Short search on stackoverflow seems to sslsetting to the git server and a lot of answers have mentioned to disable the ssl verification.

Following the stackoverflow suggestions we have set http.sslverify to false on git bash globally and added the server certs to the truststore. 

But, even after performing the above settings the error didn't go away. We tried all the options but of no use and we don't see this error earlier in our product and this is the first time.

I am reaching out to you all hoping I would get some help regarding this error.

Thanks in advance.


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