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[jgit-dev] NIO2 JGit Implementation

Hi All,

A few years ago, I mentioned some work that my team in Red Hat has
been executing to create a NIO2 JGit implementation. Back in time,
there was some interest. However, we never had the time to isolate it
from our project codebase.

Finally, during the Gerrit/JGit Hackathon in Sunnyvale, I invested the
time to do it, and finally, I made it completely isolated [1]!

There's still some work to be done to flexible the architecture,
especially around Daemons and Security. However, I'd like to get some
input from you if they're still interested in having this component to
JGit as a separate bundle (jar).

Please let me know what you think and, if it's the case, how to
proceed from here.

[1] -

Alex Porcelli
Business Automation Architect
Red Hat Business Systems and Intelligence Group

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