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Re: [jgit-dev] Bug 520927: moving away from JSch


On 3 Nov 2018, at 12:00 , Thomas Wolf <thomas.wolf@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've pushed to Gerrit a new implementation of the JGit ssh support
using sshd instead of JSch.

This is now merged in JGit and in EGit and is available through the EGit nightly
EGit and JGit Thanks to all

With JGit, it can be tested using the command-line jgit with the command-line
option --ssh apache.

In Eclipse with EGit, one can select the ssh client in the main git preferences

The default for both JGit and EGit is still JSch.

I encourage you to install this EGit nightly in your Eclipse workbench and switch to
the new Apache MINA sshd implementation. In case of trouble:

* please report any problems at Bugzilla:
* you can always switch back to using JSch via the main git preferences page.

Feature-wise this should be on par with JSch, including support for HTTP and
SOCKS5 proxies. There is no support for ssh-agent or Pageant (the PuTTY agent)

There is experimental support for gssapi-with-mic authentication (and GSSAPI
authentication for proxies). "Experimental" because that part is untested; we have
no Kerberos setup that would have allowed us to test it.

Known bugs in sshd 2.0.0 that may affect some users:

* SSHD-852: reading hashed host keys from known_hosts.[1]
* SSHD-866: keyboard-interactive authentication aborts too early.[2]



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