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[jgit-dev] Question about ReceiveCommand status REJECT_NODELETE


I'm implementing a server-side pre-receive-hook using JGit. I noticed that when
setting a ReceiveCommand result to `Result.REJECTED_NODELETE` on
server side pre-receive-hook, the client side do not receive the sameÂinformation:
I would expectÂthe client receives the same status REJECT_NODELETE,
but itÂactually receivesÂREJECTED_OTHER_REASON.

Expected client result:
  • remoteRefUpdate.getStatus():ÂStatus.REJECT_NODELETE
  • remoteRefUpdate.getMessage():Â"deletion prohibited"
Actual client result:
  • remoteRefUpdate.getStatus():ÂStatus.REJECTED_OTHER_REASON
  • remoteRefUpdate.getMessage():Â"deletion prohibited"
I did some search in the code,

the server side status is filled by the following lines:

jgit (master u=) $ grep 'case REJECTED_NODELETE:' -n -A 2 \
> ./org.eclipse.jgit/src/org/eclipse/jgit/transport/BaseReceivePack.java
1851- r.append("deletion prohibited"); //$NON-NLS-1$
1852- break;

the client side status is filled by the following lines:

jgit (master u=) $ grep 'Status.REJECTED_OTHER_REASON' -n -B 6 -A 2 \
> org.eclipse.jgit/src/org/eclipse/jgit/transport/BasePackPushConnection.java
404- final RemoteRefUpdate rru = refUpdates.get(refName);
405- if (rru == null)
406- throw new PackProtocolException(MessageFormat.format(JGitText.get().unexpectedRefReport, uri, refName));
407- if (ok) {
408- rru.setStatus(Status.OK);
409- } else {
410: rru.setStatus(Status.REJECTED_OTHER_REASON);
411- rru.setMessage(message);
412- }

Why the enum status is not aligned between both sides? Is it on purpose,
or perhaps it's the limitation of the transport protocol used?



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