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Re: [jgit-dev] Renaming "Project" to "Repository" and "GRepository"

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Matthias Sohn wrote[1]:
Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Patrick Hiesel wrote:
I have never used JGit's RepositoryState but wanted to bring up potential name clashes by calling out an example.
By the way, with my jgit contributor hat on: the RepositoryState enum name is not self explanatory, so I wouldn't be broken hearted if it were deprecated and replaced with something more specific.

any proposal for a better name ? This class is used a lot in EGit.

Good question. I don't have a good idea off the top of my head, which is why I didn't send a change for review on making this more concrete.

Git's codebase has a similar concept wt_status_state, but instead of an enum, it is a collection of multiple independent fields (e.g. a cherry-pick and a rebase can be in progress at the same time). One thing I like about that name is that it at least makes it clear that it is about the state of the worktree.

On the other hand, I could imagine "git bisect" working even in a bare repo. So maybe it's about multi-step operations, instead of about the worktree.

The goal of git's "sequencer" subsystem is to control these kinds of multi-step operations (like bisect, merge + resolution + merge --continue, rebase, am, cherry-pick, etc). I still haven't come up with a good concise name for MultiCommandOperationState. :/


That doesn't technically affect this since RepositoryState and RepoState are different identifiers, but it might be nice since then RepoState and RepositoryState would clash less in people's heads too.

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