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[jgit-dev] Windows locking pack files

Hi everyone!

I see from digging for a few hours this is has been a tricky topic for jgit historically. I am forced to  use windows(7 Enterprise) and have been running into a brick wall for a few days on this one…Here are the details:

-        Using the latest build (

-        I am calling Repository.close() after completing work.

-        I have stepped through and in Repository.close() newCount==0  is true and doClose() is called.

-        2017-10-21 21:48:05.010 ERROR 14852 --- [nio-8080-exec-1]  : Problem deleting working folder:Could not delete file C:\Users\campse\workspaces\sor\prismReleaseTool\.\workingDir\.git\objects\pack\pack-1348c11034913c2e44b2e81db5a4f804120c3258.pack


I am kind of stuck  and I  hate to abandon an otherwise very effective API? Any suggestions folks?




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