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[jgit-dev] JGit Bazel and Maven

I'm just starting to contribute to this project and one of the first things I'm having trouble figuring out is whether I should be building and testing the project with Maven or Bazel (or both.)

The Contributor Guide is sort of sending mixed messages. says:
JGit can be built using Maven 2 or 3.

But, later, says:
Since Gerrit migrated its build from buck to Bazel a Bazel build was also implemented for JGit.

I have more history with Bazel than Maven, so I was happily running all the tests for a recent change of mine with Bazel, but then I noticed that the Hudson build jgit.gerrit is using Maven to verify changes.

I also noticed on Hudson that there is a jgit.bazel configuration which is disabled.

I understand if the project is in some sort of transition phase, but it's probably not a great idea to have developers using one build system during development and the automated CI builds using a different system to verify the changes. Unless, I guess, CI is constantly ensuring that both types of build systems are passing.

Is anyone still looking at getting a Bazel build working on Hudson? I ran into two issues trying to build with Bazel on the head of master, and I they were both quite easy to fix.

How can I help make the situation more stable?

Let me know,

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