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[jgit-dev] Problems loading JGit in Eclipse


I apologize in advance for what is certainly a very n00b question.

I'm trying to submit a patch to JGit and would like to make sure that I've added all of the appropriate javadoc comments.  I understand that Eclipse should give me warnings if I am missing certain things, so I'm trying to load up the project in Eclipse (which I'm not very familiar with, as it's been a few years since I used Eclipse regularly).

I swear I had it working last week; loading and building the JGit project successfully... but after shutting down my machine for the weekend and booting it back up today, I'm getting all kinds of errors like this:

Provisioning exception:

Tue Aug 18 21:24:09 IST 2015
No repository found at


Bundle 'com.jcraft.jsch' cannot be resolved    MANIFEST.MF    /org.eclipse.jgit/META-INF    line 149    Plug-in Problem

I'm not sure what changed since I had this working last week :(  I recognize that these are OSGi bundle resolution issues, but I never explicitly added any configuration re: OSGi to the project (perhaps it was done implicitly when I imported the egit-developer-tools.p2f file, as per the EGit contributor guide wiki page?).

I'm certain I'm just doing something stupid but I can't figure out what it is... if anyone has any tips they'd be greatly appreciated.  Sorry again for the n00b question :(


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