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[jgit-dev] enhance jgit to support github lfs (Large File Storage)


I want to support teams which need a way to store large files in a git
repository. One idea is to enhance JGit so it can work with githubs
attempt to solve this [1]. In order to be able to do that JGit has to

- to call clean-filters (e.g. during "git add")
- to call smudge-filters (e.g. during "git checkout")
- to call pre-push hooks

The very first version of this will simply call the filters, hooks as
they are provided by github. JGit has to learn about these kind of
filters when processing gitattribute files. It will have to start new
processes which execute the filter scripts (like we do for hooks).

In a second iteration of the feature I could try to implement java
in-process filters. Instead of calling external scripts in separate
processes the gitattributes syntax could be enhanced to allow the
definition of "jgit-filter". These filters will be implemented in Java
and are delivered with JGit as optional components. These java based
filters could do the same as the script based filters but will perform

Any comments on this idea?



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