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[jgit-dev] Vote for Committer status for Jonathan Nieder was started by Matthias Sohn

technology.jgit Committers,
This automatically generated message signals that Matthias Sohn has
nominated Jonathan Nieder as a Committer on the technology.jgit project.
The reason given is as follows:

Over more than 2 years Jonathan has contributed a steady stream of high
quality patches and helps reviewing changes.

Here the list of commits he contributed to JGit :

[jgit (master)]$ git shortlog --author="Jonathan Nieder"
Jonathan Nieder (47):
      diff, log -p: do not use outs before it is initialized
      Allow commandline tests to use raw output
      Add "jgit archive" tool that writes a tree as a ZIP file
      add: Fix bad metaVar reference in  help
      Add basic "jgit add" tests
      [RFC] archive: Switch to commons-compress as ZIP archiver
      archive: Record executable and symlink bits
      archive: Add --format option that switches between formats
      archive: Add tar support
      Remove unused availableRefs local from Clone.guessHEAD
      Remove unused logger from RecursiveMerger
      archive: Release resources before returning
      Add internal porcelain-style API for ArchiveCommand
      ArchiveCommand: Do not warn for unsupported file mode
      Delete CLIText strings previously used in iplog generator
      ArchiveCommand: Add missing @since tag
      ArchiveCommand: make archive formats non-inner classes
      ArchiveCommand.Format: pass output stream as first argument to
      Drop dependency by ArchiveCommand.Format interface on
      Remove dependency by ArchiveCommand on archive formats
      Move ArchiveCommand into standard porcelain API
      Release ArchiveCommand's ObjectReader in call()
      Maintain list of archive formats in one place
      Add tgz and txz archive formats
      Move FormatActivator.start()/stop() to a separate class
      Drop unnecessary "throws" clauses in archive code
      Remove unused import in Archive
      Add missing javadoc for archive code
      Add tbz2 archive format
      Add long filename, large file, and non-ASCII filename support to
      Pick default archive format based on filename suffix
      Add support for "jgit archive --output="
      Close unfinished archive entries on error
      Do not close ArchiveOutputStream on error
      Revert "Close unfinished archive entries on error"
      archive: Prepend a specified prefix to all entry filenames
      archive: Include entries for directories
      archive: Use an empty directory for submodules
      Update commons-compress to 1.6
      Make ArchiveFormats final and implement equals()
      Allow ArchiveCommand.registerFormat to be called twice
      blame: Un-break isFile check in tree walk
      AWTPlotRenderer: use float arithmetic instead of double followed by a
      Revert "CommitBuilder should check for duplicate parents"
      Allow ObjectWalk to be filtered by an arbitrary predicate
      Fix typo in ObjectWalk#getObjectFilter javadoc
      Correct @since tags for ObjectFilter

The vote is being held via the MyFoundation portal: voters *must* use the
portal for the votes to be properly recorded.  The voting will continue
until either all 13 existing Committers have voted or until they have been
given enough time to vote, even if they do not do so (defined as at least
one week). Jonathan Nieder must receive at least three +1s and no -1s for a
successful election.

Eligible Committers must cast their votes through their My Foundation
portal page (do NOT just reply to this email; your vote will not be
correctly recorded unless you use the portal):

The project Committers eligible to vote are:

    Chris Aniszczyk
    David Borowitz
    Christian Halstrick
    Mathias Kinzler
    Stefan Lay
    Shawn Pearce
    Colby Ranger
    Robin Rosenberg
    Kevin Sawicki
    Matthias Sohn
    Robin Stocker
    Gunnar Wagenknecht
    Sasa Zivkov

*NOTE*: Successful elections are left open for a maximum of 120 days to
allow for processing of paperwork.  After that time the election will be
expired, regardless of its current status.  Should papework processing on
the part of the candidate take more time than allowed, a new election will
have to be held.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your project
lead, PMC member, or the EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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