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[jgit-dev] Using jGit and database as a backend - it is possible?

I have a question about extending jGit (expecially Repository and ReppositoryBuilder  and few classes more), to create my own implementation of backend, using database (for example with libgit2 library which don’t have good Java bindings). It is possible in effective way (I would like using most of git functionality + something like fast searching for files in all branches)? Do you know about someone, who tried it with success? I don’t know, how much of your API I could use. I read about of porcelain functions – it is like wrapping  git functions and I have to override them with database equivalent, I’m right?
If it possible I have to use git-like structure strictly (data and references tables) or implement git-like columns in my tables, yea?  I’m looking forward for your reply.

Best wishes,

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