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[jgit-dev] Allow to always use blocks for if/while/for/do statements?


I was many times beaten during the reviews of my patches to j/egit projects 
because I always use blocks for all if/while/for/do statements, independently 
of their size, but j/egit coding style says "no braces should be used for one-
line statements" [1].

So this is OK for j/egit:


but this is NOT:


I found this rule pretty annoying for many reasons: the rule itself is not 
only an exception from the general rule to have braces around any blocks but 
also contains another 2 exceptions that you *have to* use braces in some 
special cases. The code containing multiple if/else block with and without 
braces looks inconsistent, refactoring often leads to left-over braces. 
Especially that Eclipse formatter does not remove "unnecessary" braces 
automatically is kind of showstopper - one can't even trust Ctrl+Shift+F :-).

Is there any strong reason to keep this rule or is it just matter of taste?

Can we please relax the guidelines and remove this rule from the coding 


Kind regards,

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