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[jgit-dev] Handling of modify/delete conflict



I have a situation where I want to delete and ignore some generated files in the repository. Meanwhile, somebody else changed those files. Now I want to rebase my commit that includes the deletion of those files. Now there is some different behaviour between C and E/JGit:


In EGit I get the checkout conflict dialog stating that rebase cannot continue, as I have files that would block the rebase. I cannot actually come out of that situation, as I cannot reset (I’m current already), I cannot stash (there are no changes) and I cannot commit (again: no changes). The only way to get out of here without C-Git is to delete the now-ignored files in the working tree and re-try the rebase. This can be quite tedious if it is a lot of generated files.


With C-Git, the behaviour is different. It recognizes that there is a modify/delete conflict during the rebase, and marks the files accordingly. I then just delete them and go with rebase –continue, and all is well.


Is there any rationale behind this behaviour or is it a bug?






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