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[jgit-dev] git hooks for [e|j]git


We at Advantest see the need of adding pre-commit/pre-receive etc hooks to [e|j]git so that egit UI behavior "matches" CLI git behavior as defined in [1].

I think I found related bug [2] and asked there what the smallest possible implementation should do, but so far no one responded. Therefore I would like to ask same question here again.

Is support for pre-/post- etc hooks on anyone plan for [e|j]git 3.6? 
If not, does it make sense to add it to?

I'm offering to contribute simplest possible "Runtime.exec()" based solution which would "just work", but I would like to know what is the common agreement on the requested functionality.

IMHO the smallest possible implementation would need:

 * somehow read all the available hooks
 * run the appropriate git hook before/after appropriate jgit command using "Runtime.exec()" or platform-dependent "execution" API hook (similat to FS hooks)
 * allow to have egit UI callbacks for prompting/displaying hook output etc

Anything I'm missing here (for the *basic* feature set)?


Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov

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