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[jgit-dev] SSH auth fails in OS X sandbox

Admittedly, this is an uncommon use-case, but I package a few apps for the Mac App Store using an embedded JRE. Cloning an HTTPS git repo with jgit works fine, but SSH fails. The same exact code works with SSH perfectly when it isn't running in the OS X sandbox.

The problem is *not* that it can't read from ~/.ssh, because jgit is correctly using Java's user.home property, which is set to the app's private home directory. I am getting a dialog via CredentialsProvider asking if I want to trust a fingerprint, but after clicking "Yes", I get "Auth fail".

I would be grateful for any clues as to what is going on. I don't see any obvious permission errors in the Console app, so I have very little to go off of here. Thanks.

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