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Re: [jgit-dev] jgit-dev Digest, Vol 54, Issue 14

I'd like to see abstract Path support, particularly in the working tree libraries
(I'm aware they are somewhat abstract already for things like IDE environments)
as I'd quite like to extend things to support working trees that are not stored in a
traditional file system.

That said, the same goes for the backend ; some of these working trees have object
counts on the order of 10^5 - 10^6 and just storing them to unpacked objects in a file
system is going to cause some problems, particularly on Windows machines with their
creaky old NTFS.

Things have probably moved on in the JGit codesince I last looked at this as well ; I visit it once in
a while in my spare time, then pressure of work moves me away. But it's becoming more
of an interest because I now have projects that would benefit from it.

While I understand the forces of inertia that cause people to stick with older versions of Java
my POV is that I don't want to encourage older versions to stick around. We've had enough
trouble with the "inertia" practice causing old, insecure versions of things to accumulate until
there is some real pain migrating to newer versions.

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