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[jgit-dev] non-static WindowCacheConfig?

Is the static-ness of WindowCacheConfig a valuable thing (perhaps in terms of perf/mem usage?) or would there be any mileage in me working on a patch to allow it to be scoped to something non-JVM-wide (for instance, just to an instance of a Repository?).

The specific case where this is bothering me is with testing the BFG - I have a suite of tests, one which deals with over-sized commit objects that require an increased value for streamFileThreshold - other tests in the suite set streamFileThreshold to a much lower value of 1MB. In principle all the tests could run happily and concurrently in the same JVM (ie quickly), but the unfortunate static nature of the setting means that the tests all step over each other's value for it, causing frequent failures in the Large-Commit-Object-Test :(

The simplest way to get this going is slow: just fork a new JVM for each test. Bleaugch. I'd much rather remove the static nature of this config. Apart from a certain potential for this to break API compatibility, would it be likely I could get this change accepted into JGit master?

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