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[jgit-dev] Fwd: [technology-pmc] FYI: Policy on new releases joining SR

Due to this new policy I wasn't aware of until this week we cannot
ship JGit and EGit 3.1 with Kepler SR1 since RC1 already passed.

Hence I propose we ship a pure maintenance release 3.0.x with SR1
and ship 3.1 independently of the release train through our own
p2 repository.

Speak up if you have a different proposal.

Any changes which should go with the maintenance release for SR1
need to be pushed for branch stable-3.0. If there are new patches
on this branch I will simply create 3.0.x maintenance releases for
the RCs for SR1, find the SR1 schedule here [1]. Last build for SR1
is on Sept 18 (we are in +3 slot of the schedule).

Let me know if there are any important patches which already reached
master which you want also on 3.0.x.

I plan to release 3.1 shortly after Kepler SR1 (around end of September)
in order to avoid overloading on my end ;-) 
This will also help to avoid that we need multiple release build
jobs in parallel.


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I apologize for not sending this out earlier, but it was brought to my attention that some projects weren't aware of a policy change discussed at a Planning Council meeting:

Policy on new releases joining SR

We agreed on David's proposed policy from previous call: "The new release must be in RC1 builds for the SR, must have released one month prior to that RC1, and must be willing/able to test and provide a quick maintenance release if last minute problems found."


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