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[jgit-dev] [ANN] SubGit 2.0 Released

Hello all,

Our team is proud to announce SubGit 2.0.0 release! New version is
available for download at SubGit web site at

SubGit lets one to set up a bi-directional Git-SVN mirror, and thus it
allows users to choose freely between Subversion and Git version control
systems. SubGit is a perfect tool for those who's going to migrate from
Subversion to Git as well as from Git to SVN.

New version introduces the following major features:

1. Support for remote Subversion repositories;
2. One-shot import from Subversion to Git;
3. Flexible branches and tags layout;
4. Significant performance improvements.

SubGit is a closed source Java application, which is free for use in
Open Source and Academic projects, as well as in any teams with up to 10
committers. Besides, there are no limitations on the time you may
evaluate SubGit in commercial or closed source projects.

Atlassian Stash users can install SVN Mirror Add-on which is based on
SubGit 2.0, so they can manage their Git-SVN mirrors right from Stash

For the detailed release notes please refer to
Documentation on remote Git-SVN mirror mode:
Documentation on local Git-SVN mirror mode:
Documentation on one-shot Git-SVN import:
SubGit Issues Tracker:
Follow us at and

With Best Regards,
Semyon Vadishev on behalf of SubGit Team,
TMate Software, - Git-SVN Mirror! - Java [Sub]Versioning Library! - Java Mercurial Library! - Java SQLite Library!

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