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Re: [jgit-dev] [egit-dev] New logo

> We need a new logo. The old logo was the result of 15 minutes of
> playing with inkscape. Here are the results of another 30 minutes.

I agree, thanks for starting this.

> (These are just a bitmaps exported from inkscape)


- I'm not sure blue and orange is a nice color combination.

- It looks rather blurry, but maybe this is just from the export.

- I don't think there should be any text inside the icon, but rather
  besides it. And it should read "EGit", not "eGit", as it's spelled
  like the former everywhere.

How about basing it on the logo of C Git [1]? I also played a bit with
Inkscape and the artwork available here [2].

See the attached SVG for the result. I'm not a designer, so it looks
a bit raw/unfinished. Comments?

Maybe we could get the help of designers from the Eclipse Foundation
for this?



Attachment: eclipse-git-inside.svg
Description: image/svg

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