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Re: [jgit-dev] Invalid Channel 117

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 6:59 AM, Michael Chletsos <mpchlets@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I work with Assembla and we have noticed that when interacting with jgit, we
> always receive an Invalid Channel 117 - I assume this is a sideband channel
> alert and that jgit is not understanding our response back?

Yes. JGit is reading this byte 117 (aka 0x75 aka the letter "u") where
it expects to see a sideband channel number. It seems you are sending
some data with an invalid pkt-line length header, causing the client
to get out of sync with the stream, or just sending an invalid

> This happens anytime you push up to Assembla from jgit.

I am surprised this also doesn't happen with the C client.
recv_sideband() also fails when it sees a channel such as 117 in the

> I am more than happy to fix this on the Assembla side if there is an issue,
> I was hoping that maybe someone here has some insight into what this error
> is and why I am seeing it on every jgit client - otherwise, to the source
> code I go.

We don't see this from any other system using JGit, but its possible
something Assembla's server has done has caused the JGit
SideBandInputStream to become unsynchronized from the stream and fail.

A stack trace from the JGit client would help understand better where
this is, but I assume its in the status-report parsing on the client
side. You may want to start hunting for the bug by modifying the
client to print more bytes from the stream when it throws the
exception and see if you recognize any of the data.

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