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[jgit-dev] [Announce] JGit v3.0.0.201305281830-rc2 /EGit v3.0.0.201305282000-rc2 contributed to Kepler RC2

I tagged JGit v3.0.0.201305281830-rc2 and EGit v3.0.0.201305282000-rc2 and contributed them to Kepler RC2.

Find this RC2 version here:

Kepler staging p2 repository
(will be available as soon as
is finished successfully):

JGit/EGit p2 repository
on download server:

on Nexus (new distribution channel)

zip download:

EGit Github Mylyn connector p2 repository
on download server:

on Nexus (new distribution channel):

zip download:

JGit maven repository
on Nexus (new distribution channel):

Please help to test this version and report problems.

Note that in this version the implementation of the former org.eclipse.egit.import feature has been
moved into the feature org.eclipse.egit since the team API this needs is now available in all
supported platform versions (Juno and Kepler).


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